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New Partnership for 2013

In 2013’ BST Tape Co. LLC. has partnered to become the South Eastern Representative for Protective Packaging Solutions, LLC. Based in Baltimore, Md. Founded by Maryland Metals Processing, BST Tape will be spearheading sales for the S.E. region.

This new partnership will focus on sales of protective masking films designed specifically for the Metal Roofing Industry. We will be selling both products made domestically as well imported. The imported films have been designed with input from BST Tape Co. as a coextruded backed PE film that incorporates UVI into the backing and adhesive.

Maryland Metals Processing has been handling and selling Masking Films for over 25 years. We will carry Nitto Laser films, Black/White Masking films as well as standard 3, 4, and 5 mil PE backed films.

The Coextruded UVI rated masking films are designed to offer maximum protection from damage that can occur during manufacturing, processing, shipping and installation; with enhanced UV protection from sunlight to help ease removability. These masking films are also designed to be superior in performance as well a low cost to the end user.

Stocking locations are based in Baltimore, Md. Along with Chicago, Il.

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Our Primary Goal

At B.S.T. Tape our number one priority is “You the Customer” where we strive to offer creative solutions for protecting your critical surfaces and for all your packaging needs. Solving complex problems within the Industrial Manufacturing sector at an affordable cost is our primary goal.

Warehouse Facilties

B.S.T. Tape Co. LLC has main warehouse facilities in Atlanta Georgia.


Complete Tape Selection

Wide assortment of protective masking films and adhesive tapes with varying tack levels,
adhesion with numerous backings: PE, PP, Co-Ex, PET, Paper and Vinyl



Packaging Supplies


Corrugated Boxes           
Kraft Paper
Newsprint and much  more


  We carry the full range of package protection productsSealedAir_Products
    Packaging Supplies
    Bubble    Wrap
    PE Foam
    Anti-Static Bubble Wrap


Industrial Applications

Masking, Protecting, Shielding, Splicing, Cushioning, Case Sealing


Film Applications
  • Metals & Metal Fabrication
  • Marble Sinks/Spas and Countertops
  • Light Switches and Door Kick Plates
  • Screws & Small Parts
  • Automotive Lights & Mirrors
  • Graphics
  • Carpet Protection
Protection_ Tapes

BST Tape Co. announces new partnership for 2013’

PFPS: Protective Films and Packaging Solutions.


BST tape Co. will start selling high quality masking films from PFPS designed for the metals and painted metal industries. Currently we carry a full line of films from Nitto, Main tape, SOPRAD, Jura Tech, 3M, and Poli-Film.

Our New Products will cover Optic Laser films, UV COEXTRUDED films for the Architectural Metals market with water based and rubber based adhesives.

Through R&D we have developed the broadest spectrum of protective films to offer at the highest of quality and VALUE to the customer.

We have over 25 years of experience developing and designing masking films for the Architectural Metals market and over 30 years of selling to the stainless steel marketplace through the parent company McAvoy Enterprises (formally Maryland Metals Processing).

We have stocking and converting locations in Baltimore, Md. and Chicago, Il.

Let us help you with any of your protective film needs for 2013’.

Call Direct at: 828-320-0167. Or e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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At B.S.T. Tape Co., LLC we are a solutions oriented tape broker and distributor with over 22 years of extensive experience with surface protection tapes, adhesives, masking films and related packaging products. We are headquartered in Hickory, NC.

We are experts in solving problems through the use of:
    • Innovative packaging designs
    • New product development
    • Protective masking films

Our goal is to show our customers how to:

    • Save money
    • Reduce waste
    • Prevent defects
    • Reduce labor costs

Look to us for: Surface protection tapes, industrial tapes, double coated tapes, protective film, adhesive transfer tapes, masking tape, repulpable tapes, splicing tape, duct tape, carton sealing tape, label protection tape, VHB Tape, kapton, teflon, foam, and polyester.We also offer foil tapes, and gasketing tapes.

We also distribute packaging supplies, corrugated boxes, Kraft paper, stretch wrap, mailers, abrasives, polishing compounds, adhesives, Die-Cuts, bubble wrap, PE foam, and heat shrink films.


Protective Film Experts

• We are experts in the Protective Masking Film Industry where we can show you how the use of protective masking films can economically  protect your critical surfaces. We can offer these products in custom size roll widths up to 72 inches, custom lengths to better reduce change over. These products come in a variety of colors for easy identification, UV rated films for outdoor UV exposure,  Automotive rated masking films for paint protection.

What's New at BST

Call us regarding new product lines.
828) 320-0167

New for 2014'. BST Tape Co. will carry a line of
protective masking films from Jura Films.

New Digital printing Graphics Application Tapes.

New Non-woven Fabrics

BST Co. Now Handles a full line of Non-Woven: TECHNICAL FABRICS!

  • Action Fabrics
  • Custom Automotive Wheel Bonnets
  • Spun Polypropylene
  • Spun Bond Polyester
  • Spun Tex Lace: Wipes
  • Landscaping Fabric
  • Roofing Fabric.

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The place to go for advice, insight, and hands-on technical support. Wondering how to protect or package a new product?

Look no further than BST Tape, Inc. your one stop source for answers to your tape, protective film and packaging questions.

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